Ajax Archives Plugin

Display your archives in collapsible mode using ajax and jQuery.

Each subnode is loaded via ajax as per user request, so not whole archive is loaded each time your archives page is displayed. If you have performance problems or server issues with other archive plugins, try this one and enjoy.

It also displays the post count for each year and for each month and the comment count for each post. And uses your current wordpress date_format to format the dates.

You can view a sample here: Archivos Rallye Racing


Top Posts By Category Plugin 1.3 RC1 is out

Update 2: For php 7+ please use Top Posts By Category Plugin 1.4

Update: New 1.3 RC2 version released that solves the bug reported from Joel (see comments below)

This new version solves some bugs and add some requested features. It also changes the way of visists are tracked and displayed, and the size of tpbc table is under control now.

This is a full working version and I’m not expecting major changes on the final release, but I like to know your comments, especially if your are upgrading from my previous version, so please backup your database before the upgrade!

Improvements in 1.3:

  • The stats are saved as a custom field on a post (tpbc_visits), so you can be evil and fake the stats to put your preferred posts on top of the list 😉 Trust me, new users cannot resist the temptation to visit your top posts.
  • No more tpbc table size problems. Since tpbc 1.3 version, this table is only used to avoid duplicate visits and their content is purget each day. If you come from 1.2, please read the upgrading instructions carefully!
  • You can easy exclude (or include only) some categories from list when group by category option is set.
  • There is a new option to display the list or the post visits with ajax. So this must work within wordpress cache plugins, but I’m not tested it under this kind of environments !

There is a readme file with install and update instructions. Please read it carefully, especially if you are upgrading !