Top Posts By Category Plugin 1.3 RC1 is out

Update 2: For php 7+ please use Top Posts By Category Plugin 1.4

Update: New 1.3 RC2 version released that solves the bug reported from Joel (see comments below)

This new version solves some bugs and add some requested features. It also changes the way of visists are tracked and displayed, and the size of tpbc table is under control now.

This is a full working version and I’m not expecting major changes on the final release, but I like to know your comments, especially if your are upgrading from my previous version, so please backup your database before the upgrade!

Improvements in 1.3:

  • The stats are saved as a custom field on a post (tpbc_visits), so you can be evil and fake the stats to put your preferred posts on top of the list 😉 Trust me, new users cannot resist the temptation to visit your top posts.
  • No more tpbc table size problems. Since tpbc 1.3 version, this table is only used to avoid duplicate visits and their content is purget each day. If you come from 1.2, please read the upgrading instructions carefully!
  • You can easy exclude (or include only) some categories from list when group by category option is set.
  • There is a new option to display the list or the post visits with ajax. So this must work within wordpress cache plugins, but I’m not tested it under this kind of environments !

There is a readme file with install and update instructions. Please read it carefully, especially if you are upgrading !

7 thoughts on “Top Posts By Category Plugin 1.3 RC1 is out

  1. Just a note to say thanks, this worked perfectly on WordPress 2.7.1. I had upgraded from WordPress 2.2.1 with the M&M tpbc plugin.

  2. Brilliant plugin, many thanks. However I have a problem with it not showing a category it should show. If I set it to only show that category nothing displays, or all categories that one is missing. Each post in that category has the custom field in, so I’m not sure why it’s not showing? Any help would be appreciated, thanks!

  3. Hi Joel, It’s really strange, can you post all your configured options? Can you run this query to see if the category is displayed? “SELECT wp_term_taxonomy.term_id as cat_ID FROM wp_term_taxonomy WHERE wp_term_taxonomy.taxonomy = ‘category'”

    The only workaround that I’m thinking is to create a new category, move all posts in not showing category to this new one, remove the old category and rename the new category to the correct name.

    Hope this helps.

  4. Hi Miki, thanks for the reply. It is really strange as I can’t see any reason why the category wouldn’t show either! I ran the query and the cat_ID of 149 is returned along with all the others. My options are:
    What should I display? Top Visited Posts
    Should I group by category? Yes
    Should I display number of posts/comments? No
    How many posts should I display? 3
    Should I use ajax to display the list? No
    Should I use ajax to display post visits? No
    Should I exclude some categories from list? Include only categories
    Comma separated included or excluded category ids 4,5,6,7,10,149,500

    The other categories show except this one. Even if I only include 149, nothing shows up. I’ll try your category changing suggestion, again thanks for the quick response, it’s a great plugin. Do you do custom plugin work, such as writing new plugins?

  5. Actually looking further at those SQL results, the category has a term_ID of 149 but a term_taxonmy_id of 152. Could this be the problem?

  6. Yes Joel, this was the bug. I just uploaded the RC2 version solving this. Many thanks for your feedback and interest on this plugin !

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