Top Posts By Category 1.2

When I upgrade the plugin for the first time I do it to work for my own blog, so not all configuration options where tested and in some cases it didn’t work propertly.

You can download version 1.2 and see release notes here.

Please left your feedback or report bugs under plugin’s post.

Thanks to all who was using it, and especial thanks to users that help to find the bugs with their comment’s feedback.

Note that I’m not English speaker…


Top Posts By Category plugin

Update: Version 1.3 RC1 is out. Changes and download can be found here.

Top Posts By Category Plugin is a fork of original M&M tpbc plugin updated to work with new WordPress 2.3 taxonomy system. Compatible up to WordPress 2.6:


  1. Copy tpbct.php file to wp-content/plugins
  2. Activate the plugin as usual.
  3. Manage Options going to Options->Top Posts or Settings->Top Posts on WordPress 2.6.


From My previous version: Just overwritte tpbct.php file with new version on plugins folder.

From M&M version: Disable old tpbc, delete tpbc.php file from plugins folder and install the new version (note that filenames are different). Configuration options and old recolected posts stats will be conserved.

Release Notes:


– Solved some compatibility sql bugs.
– Solved a bug that prevents to show the list when Top Comented Posts option was used.

1.0 – Miki’s version:

– Required changes to work with WordPress 2.3 taxonomy system.


SRG Clean Archives en català

SRG Clean Archives és el plugin que utilitzo per generar la pàgina d’arxius d’aquest blog, i cansat de veure’l sempre en anglès m’he agafat el poEdit i n’he traduït els textos internacionalitzats que hi havia amb el meu català d’estar per casa.

També he detectat un bug en la versió 4.2 a l’hora de generar els enllaços als arxius quan s’utilitzen enllaços permanents amb l’estructura pathinfo /%postname%/ que he corregit fent el següent canvi a la línea 160:

$output .= '<br /><a href="'. $my_url .'/' . $monthresult->year . '/' . zeroise($monthresult->month,2) . '" title="'. __('Show detailed results for','srgca') .' ' . $text . '">'. __('Detailed Monthly Archive','srgca') .'</a>';
$output .= '<br /><a href="'. $my_url .'/' . (strpos(get_option('permalink_structure'), "/") === 0 ? "index.php/":"") . $monthresult->year . '/' . zeroise($monthresult->month,2) . '" title="'. __('Show detailed results for','srgca') .' ' . $text . '">'. __('Detailed Monthly Archive','srgca') .'</a>';

I n’he informat a l’autor.

No em dedico a programar en PHP tot i que vaig fent les meves cosetes, així que si voleu fer alguna aportació pel que fa al canvi o a la traducció ja sabeu on soc.